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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Application Notes


Odpovědi na nejčastěji kladené otázky.


OPC general

Licensing with the License Manager V4

Transfer runtime licenses (License Manager V4)

Are Softing OPC Servers 64-bit applications or can they be used on 64-bit systems?

How can I find the version number of my installed OPC product?

The attempt to establish a connection to an OPC-Server which is running as a service fails.

The License Manager fails to detect the hardware dongle (blue USB dongle).

Is it necessary to install the OPC Core Components on my computer before using any OPC Client or OPC Server?

Is it possible to start the Softing OPC Demo Client with a specific configuration file?

Help file does not show any content

Dongle license is working for some time then the Software is running suddenly in Demo Mode

Starting an OPC Server / Easy Connect with limited access rights

Softing Traceoutput

Error messages beginning with 0x8

Error message: Access denied (0x80070005)

Error message: RPC server is not available (0x800706BA)

S7/S5 OPC Server

The S7/S5 OPC Server can not read the S7 program files for newer version of Simatic S7 CPU types.

Adding Customized web pages for visualization of values.

How to use the built in S7-PLC redundancy feature?

Where can I find the configuration files of the S7/S5 OPC Servers?

Error message in trace: „Could not be executed in cycle“

Reading out data in KG/KC format from an S5

Connection to S7-1200/1500 fails

Error message: PLC not found (0xFFF5001C)

Error message: Timeout (0xFFF50004)

Standard TCP / IP Port in the S7 communication

Modbus/TCP OPC Server

How can I activate the slave functionality of the Modbus/TCP OPC Server?

How do I configure the Softing Modbus OPC Server to be able to access the data of a Modbus device?

Using Modbus Unit Identifiers in syntax items


In the integrated Web interface, you can edit the trace settings of the OPC server and view the trace output.

How do I enable the OPC Tunnel functionality in the PROFIBUS OPC Server?

Changing the Slave Address with the Configurator

The License Manager fails to detect the licenses on Softing interface cards on 64 bit systems

Multiprotocol OPC Server (former INAT OPC Server)

Why do the servers without license run for less than the 72 h?

OPC server freezes and cannot be operated

No connection between INAT server and CP535 via H1

S7 standard TSAPs for OPC/DDE serve

Why is -1 (VT_I4) output for the special item "STATUS" if the connection is working properly?

After connection interruptions to Siemens CP (PLC off/on, network disconnected), it may happen that the connections cannot be established anymore. In most cases the only thing that helps is to shut down the INAT server for a prolonged time.

A correctly entered license (activation code) "disappears".

OPC Easy Connect Suite - OPC Tunnel

Is the Softing OPC Easy Connect Suite a 64-bit application?

How to create and use a bidirectional OPC-Communication with OPC Tunnel?

How to configure redundant server connections?

EasyConnect V2.x OPC2Database on 64Bit Systems

Where can I find the configuration files of the OPC Easy Connect Suite?

dataFEED OPC Suite

License Model

Does the OPC Easy Connect Suite work with the product dataFEED OPC Suite?

Column name restriction using MS Access Database (OPC2Database)

Connection to S7-1200/1500 fails


Step5 displays "Error 0334" when I want to establish a connection via the S5-PCLink

I cannot change any settings in the S5-PCLink (e.g. IP address, name, etc....) with the S5-LanManager

Communication with the PLC is sporadically broken or cannot be established at all

What is the default IP address of the S5-PCLinks (factory setting)

S5-PCLink is not found in the S5-LAN-Manager

Additional informationen

Application Report – OPC Tunnel vs. DCOM Headache

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